Photo Highlights From Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015

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This year’s MWC Shanghai was chock full of the interesting innovations and insights we’ve come to expect from the MWC conferences. Over three exhibition halls and three conference stages we heard about some of the biggest emerging trends in mobile across China, Asia and the Globe. Just in case you missed out, here are some highlights from the conference and exhibition floor;

CO1Conference-goers check out a MakerBot 3D printer on the exhibition floor.

CO2Swiss-based MyXKronoz displays a series of smart wearables.

CO3China-based Hydrowarriors gets wet showcasing their nano-coating technology designed to waterproof your tech.

TA1Hanna Lee, the Director for Business Development in China from chat app ‘Line’ talks about business model innovation.

DP1Gamers battle it out on the ESL stage infant of an audience.


Passers-by check out the range from Alibaba’s smart home brand.


Siemens shows off their own smart kitchen.

DP4Viewers gather for the China Mobile App challenge hosted by Applied Innovation.

DP5A brave volunteer tries out a virtual reality snowboarding experience on the exhibition floor.


Huawei demos a robotic arm that can translate touch movements from and iPad into a work of art.


DP 7-2

Huawei displays a mini smart home model on the exhibition floor, as well as a tiny, smart worksite.



Qualcomm staff play with some of their robotic toys for interested onlookers.

TA2CEO of Nokia, Rajeev Suri, discusses the opportunities and challenges of 5G on the main stage.


Startup SoundBrenner Pulse introduces a wearable for musicians that features a metronome function.


China-based startup Grush gets hygienic with a smart toothbrush designed to get kids to brush their teeth through an interactive tablet display.


China-based Xishua displays their RFID/NFC reader, designed for Chinese payment services.



Kriyate from New Delhi demos an app that draws on braille design to allow visually impaired users to type on smartphones and listen back to the copy.

CO 5

Thinfilm reveals their newly released ‘Smart Wine Bottle’ which features a printable electronic tab aimed to curb counterfeit wines.

CO 6

China-based Bai Cells displays their flying 4G, complete with base station, designed for use during natural disasters and in remote areas.

DP 10

Conference-goers try out headsets at a GSMA-sponsored VR station.

DP 11-2

DP 11

Huawei runs a friendly mini-golf competition using clubs with a smart attachment that give you the stats on your swing.

All images taken at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, 2015.