1. Alibaba’s Total Revenue

Total GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) settled through Alibaba’s payment affiliate Alipay was $14.3 billion USD (91.2 billion yuan), and increase of 60% compared to 2014. 

2. How Much Was From Mobile?

Total mobile GMV settled through Alipay was approximately 9.8 billion USD (62.6 billion yuan), exceeding total GMV in 2014, and accounted for 68.7 percent of total GMV. Total mobile GMV increased by 158% compared to 2014. The total number of mobile buyers on Tmall.com and Taobao Marketplace was 95 million. 

3. Transactions Per Second

Alipay processed a total of 710 million payment transactions over the one day period, and processed 85,900 transactions per second at peak sale time. Alibaba’s cloud arm AliCloud processed a total of 140,000 transactions per second at peak. 

4. Number Of Packages 

Alibaba’s logistics partner and affiliate, Cainiao Logistics, received 467 million delivery orders during the 24-hour shopping period, more than 15 times the daily average of 30 million orders, representing a 68 % YoY increase from 278 million orders last year. 

5. Alibaba’s Global Reach

Buyers and sellers were from 232 countries and regions. Top countries selling to China included: U.S., Japan, South Korea, Germany and Australia. Transactions were completed from more than 16,000 international brands. A total of 33% of buyers purchased from international brands or merchants. 

6. Alibaba Is In Beijing?

Not quite a sale-day fact but interesting all the same. Along with the announcement of its breaking records on Single’s Day, Alibaba announced it has moved its command center from Hangzhou, where it was founded, to Beijing.

7. Sales For Alibaba Rival JD.com 

JD.com sold 100 million yuan worth of computer and office goods within 10 minutes and 230,000 flatscreen TVs in the first hour of Singles day. JD.com’s spokesman noted on Twitter that the top 10 search words on JD.com as of 9 a.m. included, mobile phone, Xiaomi, washing machine, down jacket, and Huawei. 

8. Xiaomi Record 

Xiaomi sold 1.16 million Mi phones, recording 1.56 billion yuan ($254 million USD) on Tmall, JD.com and Suning according to the company. Xiaomi was the first store on Tmall to achieve sales of more than 1 billion yuan last year. This year, Xiaomi received 1.25 billion yuan ($196 million USD) through its sales on Tmall. RedMi Note2 was the on the top of the list on its sales volume on Tmall, JD.com, and Suning. 

9. LeTV Fighting Back In The Hardware Space?

LeTV, the online video company, raked in $239 million in sales from Singles Day sale across ecommerce platforms including LeMall.com, Tmall and JD.com. Among Letv’s devices, 386,000 Super TVs were sold, resulting in $150.8 million USD sales.

Image Credit: Alibaba

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com

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