The ChinaBang Awards, an annual ceremony recognizing the best startups in China, is entering its fifth year in 2016. As the brainchild of Technode, the ChinaBang Awards honor innovative products, startups, and entrepreneurs in more than twenty categories.

This year, we’ve made quite a few additions and changes to this year’s ChinaBang Awards. In order to reach out to amazing startups nationwide – not just 1st tier cities – this year’s ChinaBang award ceremony will take place in Chengdu, from March 30th to 31st. Many second-tier cities, like Chengdu, have seen a surge of growth in the startup space and are no less innovative than their 1st tier counterparts.

We’ve also added a “Top 50 Most Innovative Startups in Southwestern China” award to recognize exciting startups in the region and empower more passionate entrepreneurs and startups.

This year, we also have a “Female Founder of the Year” award to embrace the growing number of influential women in the startup ecosystem, not only entrepreneurs but investors. We are also recognizing great design and marketing with awards like the “Most Creative Marketing” award for startups.

At Technode, we believe that Chinese startups must think beyond China and establish a global presence in order to be truly disruptive and impactful. That’s why we’ve added a “Best Overseas Expansion” award for ChinaBang in 2016. This award recognizes outstanding Chinese companies that are not only successful in the domestic market, but also understand overseas users, abide by international business regulations, and create great products that possess universal usage and appeal across different regions.

Technode’s writers will be on-site to interview entrepreneurs. The whole event will also be aired on Technode TV, our official video channel.

We are very excited to invite you and your startup to take part in this year’s ChinaBang award ceremony! Here are the award categories for ChinaBang 2016:

Award Categories for Companies

  • Most Innovative Technology
  • Best Software Design
  • Best Hardware Design
  • Most Creative Marketing
  • Best Education Product and Service
  • Best E-Commerce Application
  • Best Startup Founded by Expats
  • Best Overseas Expansion
  • Best Fin-Tech Application

Award Categories for Individuals

  • Investor of the Year
  • Founder of the Year
  • Youth Founder of the Year
  • Female Founder of the Year
  • Most Versatile Founder of the Year**

Special Award Categories

  • TechNode Editor’s Pick
  • Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Southwestern China

How to Apply:

Visit our official ChinaBang 2016 page and register as a nominee for all prize categories that apply. If you’re not sure which category you or your startup should apply for, let us know in the last box of our online application form. After registering, you can submit your application, which also includes a ticket for the event.

We celebrate all kinds of innovation in China’s startup ecosystem and look forward to seeing this year’s nominees. See you at ChinaBang 2016!

*Please note that when we say ‘product’, it includes not only software and hardware, but also websites and even official Wechat accounts.
**By most “versatile,” we are talking about founders who have pivoted from one industry or background to a drastically different one. An example is Yonghao Luo, the founder of Smartisan. Before going into the smartphone business, he was an English teacher.

Image Credit: TechNode

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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