The distance between Helsinki and San Francisco: 9210 kilometers, spanning five time zones, the journey is 6 months by water. From Beijing to Shanghai, 1213 kilometers, two and a half hours if air travel is your choice.

You would never believe it if we told you that a magical door could collapse the distance between that former and shorten it to the latter. In reality, annual events like Techcrunch Disrupt and Slush do bring the world closer together. Though an enchanted door like such doesn’t exist, there is something we can do:

This time, two world-class startup events, TechCrunch and Slush will be held separately in Beijing and in Shanghai, exhibiting the marvel of technology.

In 2013, the prestigious TechCrunch Innovation Summit was introduced to Beijing by Since then, the event has been held in both Beijing and Shanghai. The good news is that TechCrunch Innovation Summit will convene again in Beijing , from November 5th, 2016 to November 8th ,2016, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their vision of the future.

The events will kick off with Hackathon on November 5th , rounding up hundreds of entrepreneurs, when they will brainstorm for 24 hours. Afterwards, TechCrunch will be held during November 7th and November 8th, when the top entrepreneurs and leading investors across the world will share their insights.

This will be the fifth time the grand summit will convene, over 25,000 people have attended, 300 speakers have share their views and stories, and 700 startups from home and abroad have been present.

But that’s not all!

One week prior to TechCrunch, Slush Shanghai, the most influential startup event in Europe will make its first debut.

Slush means melting snow——In November when the winter seems to draw to an end, people drag their muddy boots in the slush– persisting onward during these bleak and difficult times is a perfect metaphor for starting a business.

With the same goal of TC Summit, Slush was set up as platform where the international giants of tomorrow are introduced to the world. With that objective in mind, Slush has grown from a 300-people gathering to a world-class event with an attendance of 15,000 in Helsinki last year. This year in Shanghai, we can expect to add to the excitement of the metropolitan city, as Shanghai, as industry leaders in music, business, technology, and investment commence.

A series of down-to-earth activities will be co-hosted by Slush Shanghai and TechCrunch Beijing:


A Friend-making journey “Citizens of tech on the train”——those traveling by train from Shanghai to Beijing will receive special souvenirs both on their departure and arrival (additional details will be announced later).


Fascinating sideline events will be organized exclusively for those who attend both TechCrunch and Slush Shanghai, including trips to prestigious companies in order to deepen the understanding of business and entrepreneurship environments.

Are you interested in joining both the Slush Shanghai – TechCrunch Beijing special activities for twice the rewarding experience? Here is how to sign up:

STEP ONE: Purchase tickets to both Slush Shanghai and TechCrunch Beijing through the official channels

STEP TWO: Send an Email to or with your personal info

STEP THREE: Wait for your invitation

There are limited slots for this program. Please act fast.

Slush will leave you a brand-new impression on entrepreneurship convention with its fascinating venue design.

As the top start-up gathering, TechCrunch Innovation Summit also focuses on the combination of technology and design, a prevailing trend of the digital cultural industry. The fusion between culture and technology is also worth a closer look.

That’s why we chose School of Art and Design from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as our host this year, encouraging students and faculty to body envision the future. We will be intensely discussing topics like Chinese lifestyle and wearable technology.

Those joining TXD in early November are can take advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas with professionals all over the world who are proficient in technology and design.

Founding members of SUN EFFECTS, a household name in Finland, will be in charge of the details for Slush Shanghai which is to be held on October 31st. Find out more at .

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Slush and TechCrunch have traveled all the way from the Europe and North America to Shanghai and Beijing, and the Chinese startup community will not be left out.

Time and tide wait for no man.

Willing to join TechCrunch 2016 in Bejing?