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Ready for the last episode of 2016?!

This episode is quite different from the ones we did before as it’s a recording of a talk given on one of Mike’s Global From Asia Hong Kong trips given by Kim Leitzes  from ParkLU. ParkLU built a platform that connects brands and SME’s with key opinion leaders  (KOLs) in China.

So, don’t expect an interview, but it’s still really interesting. Have a look at the show notes, lot’s of topics there.

To all our listeners have a Happy 2017!!

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  • Kim Leitzes  – background
  • The Increasing budgets on KOL marketing. How much are companies are spending now?
  • Which KOLs should you approach?
  • Who are these KOLs?
  • The difference between celebrities and a KOLs?
  • How does a Chinese consumer find your product? What’s the customer journey?
  • Why or why not consumers will buy from you?
  • What’s the reason Taobao has 20 images presented?
  • Do and don’t when reaching KOLs?
  • What are the 3 steps you need to ask the KOLs when posting for you?
  • Is there a minimum of KOLs you need to work with?
  • Is it more powerful to get one top tier KOL or working with many smaller ones?
  • What’s the biggest mistake brands make when approaching KOLs?

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