New fundings in China on May 5, 2017

Zhulegeqiu (猪了个球), a 0.5-year-old Jiaxing-based basketball-rental startup, has raised an eight-digit RMB Series Pre-A backed by Modern Capital (马笛尔创投).

XY Entertainment (星游娱乐), a 4–year-old Beijing-based KOL agency, has raised RMB 10 million in Series Pre A funding backed by Chenfan E-commerce (宸帆电商).

Manku Home (满屋家居), a 1.5-year-old Hangzhou-based online whole-apartment design and decoration solution provider, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series Pre-A in funding led by Zhiping Capital (治平资本), with participation from Entertainment Works (娱乐工场).

Chengguo Space (橙果空间), a 0.5-year-old, Tangshan-based home decoration online-to-offline service provider, has raised several million RMB in angel round backed by Bowei Investment (博伟智鸿).

New fundings in China on May 6, 2017

Anxin Apartment (安心公寓), a 4.5-year-old Shanghai-based serviced apartment chain targeting blue-collar workers, has raised RMB 300 million in Series B&B+ funding backed by Oriental Fortune Capital (东方富海) and PCP (PCP投资).

New fundings in China on May 8, 2017

Xiaodian (小电科技), a 0.5-year-old, Beijing-based power bank rental startup, has raised RMB 350 million in Series B funding co-led by Sequoia Capital (红杉资本) and Banyan Capital (高榕资本), with participation from Tencent.

Hidian (Hi电/数朋网络), a 0.5-year-old, Shanghai-based power bank rental startup, has raised RMB 100 million in Series A funding led by Lightspeed China Partners (光速中国).

Bangsun Technology (邦盛科技), a 7-year-old, Hangzhou-based anti-fraud fintech company, has raised RMB 160 million in Series B+ led by F&G Venture (方广资本), with participation from Legend Capital (君联资本), Costone Venture Capital (基石资本), Jinghong Capital (弘竞资本), Xinglu Investment (星禄投资) and M Fund (魔量资本).

Dianda Information (店达商城), a 3-year-old, Shanghai-based e-commerce platform providing supply chain services for convenience stores in Tier 2-4 cities, has raised RMB 80 million in Series B1 funding, led by Shunwei Capital (顺为资本), with participation from Kongzhong (空中网), DT Capital (德同资本), Space-star Fund (时空五星基金), Empower Investment (合力投资) and Chongcheng Capital (充澄资本).

Tripvivid (执惠旅游), a 3-year-old, Beijing-based travel media platform, has raised RMB 20 million in Series A+ funding led by Chunxiao Capital (春晓资本), with participation from Zuoyu Capital (左驭) and Pintu360 (品途集团).

Haoyunbang (好孕帮/明锐思成), a 2.5-year-old, Beijing-based fertility app, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series B funding led by New Vision Ventures (重山资本), with participation from Gene Capital (基因资本), Puhua Capital (普华资本) and Green Pine Capital Partners (松禾资本).

Sheila Yu is a Shanghai-based technology writer. She brings readers the biggest news from Chinese language tech media. Reach her at

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