A company that promises to aggregate almost all of China’s hire bike companies’ services into one app has seen the door access to the big players’ bikes .

The app, called Quannengche (全能车 “Omni ride”—our translation) was released by Shenzhen Qianhai Point to Point Technology Co. Ltd (深圳前海点点科技有限公司) in May, its latest update was July 7 and it still claims to integrate nine hire bike companies into one app, with one deposit of RMB 299. Ofo and Mobike, the two leading hire bike firms ask for deposits of RMB 199 and RMB 299 respectively. Factor in the other firms’ deposits and users could save hundreds of RMB.

Quannengche app screen with the hire bike companies covered
Quannengche app screen with the hire bike companies covered

Quannengche claims to cover ofo, Mobike, Bluegogo, Qibei, Xiaoming and several others, but reports in local media claim that the big players are now blocking access to their bikes via the aggregator.

According to reports, both ofo and Mobike, the largest firms, have released statements to say that they have neither authorized the app to integrate with their platforms nor entered into any form of cooperation. Both say they have blocked access to their interface.

Various rumors are circulating as to why including that it is possible the Quannengche app is being used to collect personal user data. Others are of the opinion it is more likely to be because users signing up to Quannengche are denying the bike providers, with their huge costs, the deposit money, while Shenzhen Qianhai Point to Point has done very little. The firm has previously worked on video on demand products.

Special offer for new users on Quannengche
Special offer for new users on Quannengche

Map apps such as Baidu Maps and Gaode have recently started adding hire bike integration, but users will have to wait a little longer for one app to unlock them all.

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