We all have heard of the generous perks and benefits packages that Silicon Valley’s big-shot tech companies offer—it’s part of the glamour of working there. But China’s tech giants want to show off how they spoil their employees too.

Yesterday, Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong shared photos of the brand new JD Logistics dormitory in Qingdao on his Weibo account and wrote, “A decade ago I made a promise to let the brothers live with dignity! As JD.com’s businesses turn more profitable, our bothers’ living standards should also improve.” It isn’t even that long ago when the company revealed its “white collar dormitory” at Suqian.

The employee dormitories have been likened to luxury hotels rooms. Currently, the company has over 130,000 employees. The dormitories dwell on a 10724-square meter campus with a total of 200 dorm rooms. All front-line logistics staff members are qualified to apply.

According to the QQ Tech report, the dormitory is equipped with air-conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, and 24/7 cleaning services. There is also a cafeteria, a gym, ping pong and badminton courts, and other amenities on campus.

JD Logistics dorm room (Image Credit: bandao.cn)

The long list of perks and benefits doesn’t end here. The company also covers full medical expenses for those who work at the company for five years or longer, and offers full-day kindergarten free of charge to employees with kids.

This seems to turn into a friendly competition between these Chinese corporates to see who really knows how to take care of the employees who give their sweats and blood for the company.

Alibaba’s headquarter in Hangzhou is a 150,000-square meters campus with libraries, canteen, gym, entertainment facilities. Back in 2011, Alibaba created a RMB 3 billion loan program called “iHome”, which allows employees to apply for interest-free loans for property down payments.

Alibaba HQ campus (Image Credit: bandao.cn)

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