The CareVoice (康语), a Shanghai-based health and insurance technology startup, announced on May 17 the launch of a voice-based virtual health assistant for insurers and employers in China.

The artificial intelligence-based symptom triage feature is integrated into the CareVoice platform, allowing insurance members to check their symptoms, access self-care content and being guided towards relevant medical specialties.

The CareVoice has partnered with Sensely, a US-based company, to bring this unique feature to the market, leveraging Sensely’s proprietary technology and extensive collaboration experience with leading international medical institutions, including the UK’s National Health Service and Texas Medical Center.

Sebastien Gaudin, CEO and co-founder of The CareVoice, said that “while our joint product team is completing the localization, we are very glad that we have already partnered with two insurers, AXATianPing and Ping An Health, to launch this consumer-centric innovation to the Chinese market, which will drive a better healthcare experience for their members. We can rely on Sensely’s leading technology and solid evidence in terms of both member satisfaction and payer cost savings in order to fuel our value proposition to insurers and employers.”

The Shanghai-based startup completed a $2 million round earlier this year. Since then, the company has been upgrading its platform and mobile-based solutions with digitized claims, expanding its footprint in private insurance market by partnering with more insurance services companies, as well as employers.

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