China, long seen in the West as the “nation of copycats”, has now transformed into a hub for tech innovation, one that has even leapfrogged Silicon Valley to become the leader of many of the world’s newest tech trends. This year, TechCrunch is coming to Hangzhou on July 2 – 3 with the aim of empowering the exchange of ideas between the Chinese tech community and communities around the world.TechCrunch Summit has been held in China 8 times.

With each year, its attendance has grown, from 3000 attendees in 2013 to 8000 in 2017. These numbers include top industry executives, investors, and entrepreneurs such as Google’s former chairman Eric Schmidt, Angel investor Xiaoping Xu, and founder and CEO of Huaxing Capital Group Fan Bao. Each summit brought over 200 startups to showcase their innovations and 170 frontline media companies to cover the event.

Now, TechCrunch Summit has grown into one of the most influential international events for startups!

2018 ’s theme is Beyond Unicorns, with the goal of discovering new startup players. The 150 cool and innovative booths lining this year’s Startup Alley will be covering the six currently-trending topics: blockchain, smart living, smart transportation, robots, and both international and new launches, along with additional media and interactive booths.

There are all kinds of tech conferences happening all the time, but TechCrunch has always been dedicating to hosting a gathering for entrepreneurs, where promising startups can easily connect with media companies and investors.

What is the TechCrunch Startup Alley?

Aligned with our goal to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world, TechCrunch Startup Alley provides a platform for international startups to showcase their new and novel ideas. We invite all innovative companies in VR/AR, robotics, AI, and Industry 4.0 to our Summit. We also welcome new startups focused on internet business, financial technology, transportation, mobile healthcare, O2O, and enterprise services to join our startup exhibition.

For exhibitors, we require that the startup is less than two years old and has no more than two million dollars in funding to provide more opportunities to early-stage companies!

There will be six zones at the Startup Alley:


Soon, we might be talking about blockchain like we talk about the internet today. The breakthroughs blockchain has already achieved across industries have transformed it from an innovative concept into a real, applicable technology in multiple verticles. It has proven its value with the explosive popularity of cryptocurrency and the success of its implementation in other industries. Its decentralized nature, secure design, and elimination of third-party middlemen are just some of the reasons blockchain is becoming a larger part of our lives and making our data more independent and reliable. TechCrunch Hangzhou is looking for more blockchain startups to join the exhibition in order to find more unique opportunities and potential collaborations on an international stage!

Smart Life

2018 is the year of the Smart Home. After years of development in the industry, we are on the verge of a breakthrough. Many companies have incorporated AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud of Things, and other technologies to build innovative Smart Homes, ushering in a new era of mobile health and security. The influence of Smart Home evelopment can be seen in a growing number of areas in our lives, providing more convenient, energy-efficient, and safer living spaces.

TechCrunch Hangzhou is looking for creative exhibitors for Startup Alley’s “Smart Home” zone so that together we can ignite the future of living!

Intelligent Transportation

Smart technology has already become deeply integrated into our modern, everyday lives. With the increasing support of AI technology, transportation is also entering into a new technological age. Intelligent transportation has become less and less traditional with the emergence of the “sharing economy”. On-demand ride-hailing, renting, and more personalized services have finally met people’s needs for travel. AI In an age where the robotics industry is developing at an exceedingly rapid pace, robotics and smart systems are becoming core components of Smart Cities.

In this Startup Alley, we’ll be exhibiting underwater robots, commercial service robots, security robots, entertainment robots, as well as see the launch of many new designs! Whether it’s for commercial or entertainment purposes, smart robots will enter every corner of our lives.

International Pavillion

This year’s TechCrunch Summit will continue welcoming exhibitors from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and other countries and regions across the globe. Only by “going out” and “bringing in” these innovators across borders to mingle can we collaboratively push technological advancement forward. Startup Alley will provide everyone who comes to an incredible experience and introduces them to concepts beyond their imagination!

Product Launch

Seeing the creation of futuristic technology always inspires people’s imaginations. It’s innovators that change the world around us. This year at TechCrunch, we are looking beyond unicorns to find budding startups around the world. Our Startup Alley will gather the most innovative products the industry has to offer.

TechCrunch welcomes all tech companies to show off the products they are most proud of to the world, to take us into the future and leave the present in the past! So, what are you waiting for?

Apply for a booth today!

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