The winners of CES Asia’s 2018 Startup Awards were announced in a ceremony on June 13. Nine companies were selected from a pool of fifty, representing numerous sectors within the tech industry.

The awards ceremony, presented by TechNode, were held at CES Asia’s Startup Park in Shanghai. Both the English and Chinese editorial teams were involved in reviewing the companies. TechNode staff engaged in three rounds of selection to reduce the number of finalists to nine.

Startups fell into numerous categories, including those working with artificial intelligence, robotics, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, IoT, and audiovisual technologies.

John Kelley, show director of CES Asia at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) attended the event, saying the winners highlight some of the most important innovations in the consumer technology industry.

The winners of the CES Asia Startup awards are:

  • Best AI Startup: – specializes in level four autonomous driving technologies. The company was founded by three engineers with experience working at Google, Tesla, Apple, Nvidia, and Baidu USA.
  • Best Audio/Video Startup: Embrace Audio Lab Inc. – Embrace Audio Lab focuses on audio digital signal processing (DSP), acoustics, firmware and hardware design. The company provides solutions for efficiently creating a surround sound experience from stereo speakers and headphones.
  • Best Robotics Startup: Youcan Robotics – Youcan Robotics provides underwater drones and underwater photography robots. The company also specializes in underwater video and provide underwater content exchange platforms.
  • Best Vehicle Technology Startup: SoFlow/LOU – The startup provides mobility solutions in the form of hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, and bikes. It’s LOU Board electric skateboard allows for last mile transportation at a maximum speed of 35km/h.
  • Best Lifestyle Startup: Youcan Robotics –  The winner of the Best Robotics Startup category, Youcan Robotics received an additional award for Best Lifestyle Startup.
  • Best AR/VR Startup: DataMesh – DataMesh provides data science and mixed reality solutions to enterprises. Their products include solutions for education, big data and mixed reality, and the development of mixed reality applications.
  • Best Health Startup: Kenzen – Kenzen provides solutions for monitoring individual health. Unlike other wearable health devices, Kenzen’s are attached to the abdomen, providing predictive analytics for personal health and safety.
  • Best IoT Startup: SENSORO – SENSORO allows for the creation of long range, low power IoT networks. It enables the connection of thousands of devices over an area of 120 square miles.
  • Best Startup: – Also recipients of the prize for best AI startup, was also awarded best overall startup.

Christopher Udemans is TechNode's former Shanghai-based data and graphics reporter. He covered Chinese artificial intelligence, mobility, cleantech, and cybersecurity.

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