When Bitcoin was first conceptualized in a paper circulating a cryptography mailing list, it was difficult to take seriously. This wasn’t the first time an e-currency outside of government regulation had tried to shake up the financial world, and every single one of them had flopped. There was no reason this one would succeed where others had failed.

But it caught on. Bitcoin became a global phenomenon. What set it apart was the technology it was built on: blockchain.

The internet is transforming. Blockchain has offered a way for data to be handled without trusting it in the hands of centralized corporations. This digital revolution is happening right now, which is why on both days of our Hangzhou China 2018 event, we’re dedicating an entire stage just to speakers on blockchain. And wow, get ready to hear from some of the biggest names in the industry!

From Qtum – Patrick Dai, Co-Founder of the Qtum Foundation

The Qtum Foundation provided the first smart contract system for the Bitcoin ecosystem, making crypto payments more secure and more reliable. Now, over 50 applications utilize its decentralized network and Qtum is valued at around 1 billion USD. We’re excited to have one of its founders, Draper University graduate Patrick Dai, open our first day of blockchain talks on a panel discussing how blockchain can rebuild the internet!

From Ripple – Emi Yoshikawa, Director of Joint Venture Partnerships

Ripple is making waves with its blockchain-based worldwide money transfers. What used to be an expensive and complicated headache is now a quick, reliable, and cost-effective process. For banks and international institutions, Ripple also utilizes XRP, a highly-scalable digital asset that drastically reduces costs and improves speed for high-volume transfers.

And at TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018, we’re going to be having Emi Yoshikawa, Ripple Director of Joint Venture Partnerships. Join us July 3rd as we open up our second day of our Blockchain Side Stage with a fireside chat on using blockchain to transform global payment systems!

From imToken – Kenny Qi, COO

imToken was founded in 2016. It offers the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, and it is used by cryptocurrency investors worldwide. Thanks to backing from IDG Capital, imToken supports more than 30,000 tokens and is recognized internationally for its security features as a tool for digital asset management.

Who better, then, to talk on a panel about creating digital platforms for the next generation of digital innovation other than imToken co-founder and COO Kenny Qi? Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear about the incredible platforms being developed that are made possible only through blockchain!

From MDT – Terry Tai, CEO & Director

The Nervos Foundation is a non-profit organization with one simple mission: promote and support the Nervos platform through research, development, and education. Nervos hopes to use its decentralized platform to allow new computing paradigms that go beyond distributed ledgers and smart contracts. Nervos sees that the global economy has a demand for a platform they can trust, and they plan to meet that demand.

We’re honored to have CEO and Director Terry Tai join imToken in a panel on platforms for the next generation of digital innovation. To have both imToken and Nervos discussing exactly what their companies specialize in is going to be a true pleasure.

From Xunlei – Lai Xin, Head of ThunderChain

Xunlei is a name recognized around the world as a leading innovator in shared computing and blockchain technology. Founded in 2003, their patented P2SP technology for accelerated downloading is employed by both individual and corporate clients for digital entertainment, cloud computing, cloud acceleration, and cloud storage.

Xunlei combined shared computing with blockchain in 2015 when it launched ThunderChain, which would become China’s most popular and widely-used blockchain-based application. ThunderChain allows developers to easily create blockchain applications that are open, trustworthy, traceable, and efficient. At Hangzhou China 2018, we’ll get to hear from Lai Xin, Xunlei’s Head of ThunderChain, on the kinds of opportunities startups can find using blockchain-based platforms.

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James Deutsch

James Deutsch is a marketing intern based in Beijing. You can contact him at jm.deutsch@protonmail.com.

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