Briefing: Ucommune acquires smart office platform for RMB 200 million

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买买买停不下来!优客工场又将“火箭科技”收入囊中 – 动点科技

What happened: Beijing based co-working space provider Ucommune has announced a RMB 200 million acquisition deal with intelligent workplace platform “Huojian Technologies” (火箭科技). Ucommune founder Mao Daqing said Huojian Technologies’ platform would resume its independence after the acquisition.

Why it’s important: Founded in November 2017, Huojian Technologies has launched a series of mini-apps on WeChat including workspace reservation platform Huojian Workplace (火箭办公). With Huojian Technologies’ solutions, Ucommune will accelerate the development of workspace tools such as smart conferencing, smart calendar as well as a workplace collaboration platform. Earlier this year, Ucommune acquired a number of smaller competitors, such as Wedo, Woo Space, New Space, Workingdom. In early September, the company acquired Daga Architects, a Beijing-based interior design firm. In August, the company raised RMB 300 million in a strategic investment and was valued at $1.8 billion.