Briefing: Novartis and Tencent establish strategic partnership

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腾讯与诺华达成合作推动医疗数字化和一体化健康管理 –

What happened: On September 18, global pharmaceutical giant Novartis established a partnership with Tencent in sectors including digital healthcare and other pharmaceutical services. The first formal practice of the partnership will start from cardiovascular disease. Tencent will leverage its social communication platform WeChat and mini programs to allow Novartis products’ origin tracing, online directions for use explanation, and disease knowledge sharing.

Why it’s important: Medtech’s practice in China is taking a quick and light approach with the existing social network instead of simply heavily investing in R&D. This will also provide tech platform providers such as Tencent with data collection sources for further projects. Meanwhile, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases’ large population base is a good ground for patients’ medtech habit cultivation.