Briefing: Xiaomi users complain about increasing ads in English MIUI

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用户发现小米在英文版 MIUI 的系统设置里植入广告 – TechNode Chinese

What happened: Xiaomi’s popular Android ROM MIUI is drawing complaints from overseas users who found increasing advertisements in the system after updating to the latest 8.9.13 version. A Reddit user says that ad could be found everywhere in MIUI music player, apps and system setting interface.

Why it’s important: The ROM has been praised for its simple design and features, however, it also gets its fair share of criticisms, especially about the advertising policy of the company inside MIUI. Due to the abundance of ads, MIUI is jokingly referred to as “ADUI” by some Chinese users. Although most of the ads can be turned off in settings, it would inevitably harm user experience due to the extra time and attention. Putting ads in apps is a common practice in China, its impact on overseas users, who are not accustomed to the experience, might be greater.