Briefing: SF Express’ commercial unmanned aerial vehicle completes first flight trial

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航天电子与顺丰控股联合研制的大商载远程无人运输机系统首飞成功 – Shanghai Securities News

What happened: Express delivery and logistics giant SF Express and Shanghai-listed space tech company China Aerospace Times Electronics successfully tested their jointly-developed commercial unmanned aerial vehicle Feihong 98. With a capacity of 1.5 tons, the vehicle was designed to complete delivery tasks in rural areas, mountainous landscapes, and ocean islands. The vehicle can also be used in military cases such as disaster rescue. Feihong 98 will proceed into mass production and scalable applications after it receives tech qualifications.

Why it’s important: The successful test of Feihong 98 implies rising delivery demands’ push in hardware and infrastructure R&D a production. SF Express’ intention in the unmanned aerial vehicle is also a step to consolidate the company’s leading position in China’s delivery sector, as and other retail leaders are aggressively cultivating their own delivery territories.