Group photo with participants and judges at Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Jakarta.

The 2018 Asia Hardware Battle in Jakarta was a huge success.

After several rounds of fierce competition, we finally selected one startup to represent Indonesia at the grand final round of Asia Hardware Battle in Shanghai.

In this competition, one startup rose above all the others, and proved extraordinary through a series of stringent evaluation and step-by-step screening by several prominent judges: Mr. Chirayu Wadke (Partner at SeedPlus), Mr. Gary P. Khoeng (Executive Director at Vertex Ventures), Mr. Ignatius Irsan Suryadi Saputra (Ecosystem Partner & ISV Business Development at IBM), Mr. Setia (Head of Jakarta Smart City), and Mr. Tony Hariman (CEO of CBNCloud).

Winner: Neurabot – Neurabot X Optilab

Neurabot is the winner of Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Jakarta. It uses image analysis algorithm to extract information from digital image media.

Neurabot (Neural Robotics) is the #1 Digital Laboratory Platform in the field of image processing (Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology, etc.). Neurabot also helps with object identification and data training with AI, uses smart image screening (AI Scan) solutions supported by algorithm AI, develops robotics (Hardware Integration, OptiLab), and uses cloud computing to improve accuracy, speed of research, and competitive prices. Neurabot’s vision is to build an Image Analysis Algorithm that is able to extract information from digital image media, such as using microscopes to extract data from videos. Neurabot’s expertise and solutions in the selection of identification and classification with AI are the result of problems in the world of Healthcare and BioTech. Neurabot helps pathology doctors, inventors, and academics.

In addition to Neurabot, here are the other 9 qualified startups that appeared on the field:


SMARTernak is an IoT and AI solution for Precision Livestock Farming.

SMARTernak is Indonesia’s first home-grown IoT and AI solution for Precision Livestock Farming. SMARTernak consists of a cattle-wearable device, drone, in-field sensors and base station, as well as cloud and apps via web or iOS and Android smartphones. These systems work together seamlessly to monitor cattle’s whereabouts or well-being. The data is then digested by AI to provide cattle-farmers insights and suggest actionable recommendations. SMARTernak comes in two variants: SMARTernak Tracking and SMARTernak Health & Productivity. “Tracking” features include tracking cattle location and behavior; apply virtual fencing; herd counting and monitor grazing area. “Health & Productivity” features include monitoring cattle’s health parameters, check approximate weight, predict behavior, and monitor environmental conditions. Both variants cover thousands of devices in an area up to 5km radius; low-power management with solar-energy harvesting; and an anti-theft system.

PT. Atnic Ekotekno Wicaksana–JALA

JALA helps farmers make data-driven decisions.

JALA is transforming the shrimp industry by offering a vastly improved management system. With data-driven farming in mind, its goal is to get farmers to make decisions based on actual data. For that reason, its system provides real-time water quality monitoring, and planning and reporting tools, complete with a decision support system so farmers can initiate the right treatment at the right time, based on data which has been collected and analyzed. All the data from every farm using the system is automatically sent in for collation and review in order to gain valuable insight into the industry as a whole. This data can be broken down into farm performance, production levels, and disease patterns across regions, species, and managers.–AMGO BLUE

Amren’s proprietary in-vehicle telematics, AMGO BLUE.

Amren is a vehicle-sharing technology company. It developed 3 pillars of vehicle sharing technology which are consumer interface, in-vehicle telematics, and cloud management software. Its proprietary in-vehicle telematics is called AMGO BLUE. Amren gives away free telematics hardware to vehicle rental and sharing operators, believing that by giving away free hardware it can accelerate vehicle sharing development. Amren’s revenue comes from revenue sharing from rental operators.

ARSA Technology–ARSA SIJI & ARSA Phoenix

ARSA’s open-source prototyping platform consists of a programmable circuit board and a software to program the board.

ARSA is an open-source prototyping platform hardware and software for engineering students, electronics hobbyist, researchers, and IoT Industry. Consisting of a programmable circuit board and a software to program the board, it is very compact yet easy to use, feature-rich, but affordably priced. ARSA Siji is based on Atmega2560-16AU. It is a very powerful and versatile board with lots of pins and features. The board is designed for complex projects such as robotics, 3D printer, research, etc. ARSA PHOENIX is based on ESP32 SoC. It contains a very powerful 240MHz 32-Bit CPU from Xtensa and a co-processor for ultra-low power application. Designed for IoT projects, ARSA PHOENIX has both WiFi and Bluetooth for its connectivity.

CV Indobot–Anami Robot

Anami Robot is a basic multi-functional robot that aims to reduce the level of game addiction in children.

Anami Robot is a basic multi-functional robot to reduce the level of game addiction in children and can perform line follower tasks, transporter, Bluetooth control via Android, and an avoider robot. Anami Robot has 5 functions in 1 robot. It has a complex algorithm and a powerful system. Anami Robot uses Arduino Uno for manual control and a PID System to control the robot automatically. For its next update, CV Indobot will insert a new program like maze solving for Anami Robot’s line follower mode, which applies simple artificial intelligence.

ICHIBOT–Ultimate 4s

Ultimate 4s is a robot line tracer with 14 Sensor and Atmega 1284p chip.

Ultimate 4s is robot line tracer with 14 Sensor and Atmega 1284p chip. This robot uses a micro-usb socket for communication that supports Arduino ide software. For actuator, this robot uses flying motor DC geared and rotary encoder sensor. It is controlled with compact H-bridge MOSFET on the top of the robot. Main display in this robot uses OLED LC 0.96″ and has a 6 button navigation. Main voltage regulator uses Buck Converter DC to DC LM2596 5v. Ultimate 4s is already using the CHIOS 5 operating system.


OrbWeaver is a combination of several hardware platforms and development kits.

OrbWeaver is a combination of several hardware platforms and development kits that enable developers to develop, distribute, and maintain their IoT application. It currently has an IoT node (which also acts as a card terminal) and an apps card hardware platform (can be programmed and installed with different types of card apps). Both developments can be done using a single development kit (and programming language) without understanding the low-level hardware architecture (just use the APIs embedded within devkit).

PT. Wira Energy–Smart Energy and Water Meter

Wira Energy’s IoT meter system uses LoraWan technology for remote monitoring, remote top-up, analyzing, controlling, automated billing, and payment collection of utilities.

Wira Energy is a private utility company that is focusing on gas supply. It encounters internal difficulties by using traditional utility meter from manual reading, manual billing, payment collection, and manual controlling. To address this current problem, Wira Energy innovates a solution in the form of an IoT prepaid utility (gas, water, electricity) meter system. The IoT meter system uses LoraWan technology. This technology helps with remote monitoring, remote top-up, analyzing, controlling, automated billing, and payment collection. Many companies, including PGN (government gas company) are interested in this solution, so that now Wira Energy is focused on rolling out this solution all over the world.


Terra combines sensors-based hardware with software to help farmers run their farm operations.

Tanibox is an agriculture technology company that combines sensors-based hardware with software to help farmers running their farm operations. Terra, its sensors-based hardware, consists of weather stations, water and soil sensors, and automated irrigation valves, and can be controlled via specific software named Tania, from wherever the farmers or operators are and whenever they need it. This software also functions as a farm management system where farmers can keep their farm operational records such as crop production cycles, costs and budgeting, employees’ tasks management, resource and pest control management and farm control and monitoring. By using Terra, farmers can have current and precise weather, water and soil data of their farm, such as evapotranspiration on the field to dramatically improve their irrigation decision making. It will bring them not only efficiency in water and fertilizers usage but also assurance on their crop yields. This will allow farm business owners to increase their productivity towards an efficient and sustainable farm operation.

Next stop!

We would like to extend a big thanks to all participants, judges, and partner organizers. We couldn’t have had such a successful outcome without the help of BLOCK71 Jakarta for putting this together. BLOCK71 Jakarta is a one-stop hub to support entrepreneurs on their journey, a supportive vibrant incubator community, and a global startup network. Building on the success of BLOCK71 in Singapore, NUS Enterprise has collaborated with local and overseas partners to set up similar business hubs to help startups penetrate into different economies. Startups can leverage the co-working space and incubation services like mentoring, networking sessions, hot-desking facilities, as well as overseas grant support or startup funding to kick-start their expansion plans.

Neurabot is getting ready to battle it out at the Grand Finals in Shanghai. See you soon!

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