AI finance startup Miotech wants to squeeze investment insights from data

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Image credit: Miotech

Investing is complicated. From company mergers to PR stunts to rumors to public scandals, all of which can affect share value, there’s a lot of information to sift through and interpret. With the power of AI, however, one Chinese startup hopes to simplify matters by providing machine-generated data analysis and insights.

Miotech currently operates out of offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and soon, Beijing and Singapore. It caters specifically to the Asian market through two multilingual products, one of which was only launched last Thursday: the Advanced Market Intelligence (AMI) platform, which the company describes as a “virtual data scientist,” organizes and visualizes large amounts of finance-related data from multiple fields.

Miotech was recently among 10 contestants chosen from a pool of 305 to participate in Google’s first-ever Demo Day Asia, held in Shanghai on September 20. But – spoiler alert – despite the new product, Miotech didn’t end up as the judges’ top pick (th

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