Briefing: Tencent tests digital travel project in Yunnan

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马化腾现身云南体验“游云南” App – China Tourism News

What happened: Tencent hopes to satisfy traveler’s diverse needs with just one smartphone app – Go Yunnan is a pilot solution. Pony Ma tested it on October 8 in Yunnan. Travelers can identify plants and receive voice introduction to sites by scanning real items. Live streaming is used to broadcast tourist and natural sites in the province. The app also offers a detailed in-site map to allow travelers to design routes and find facilities including toilets and exits. Ticket purchase channel, voice complaint upload, and shopping function are set up to improve the travel experience. Local governmental tourism departments also support the app.

Why it’s important: Tencent’s ambition in the travel sector implies a trend being adopted by giants who own ecosystems – entering fields with disperse resources and doing systematic digital integration, for efficiency, market power, and more infrastructure relative advantages (data, hardware, etc). The pilot project has received positive feedback from state-backed People’s Daily. Tencent is likely to expand the model’s application to more tourism sites.