TechNode is proud to welcome the China Tech Investor podcast to our network. The China Tech Investor podcast is a weekly show featuring Elliott Zaagman, writer and contributor to TechNode, and James Hull, a professional investor.

Each week, the two look at their watchlist and talk about what’s happening with listed Chinese tech companies.

On the inaugural episode of the China Tech Investor Podcast, hosts Elliott Zaagman and James Hull discuss their reasons for starting the podcast and identify the first five companies on their list of Chinese tech stocks to watch.

As always, the hosts may have interest in some of the stocks discussed.

Please note, the discussion should not be construed as investment advice or a solicitation of services.


  • Tencent
  • Alibaba
  • Baidu
  • iQiyi
  • Xiaomi


Podcast information:

The views and opinions discussed on this show do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of TechNode.

John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups, and co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast, a regular discussion...

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