Briefing: Jack Ma says ‘all in’ strategies are not panacea for corporate prosperity

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马云:现在少有企业做大,很多人相信赌博和all in – 36Kr

What happened: Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, said that few companies grow bigger and better because many of them only believe in gambling on popular tech and business ideas. The business guru said trending industry or investment topics can no longer sustain the tech and business ecosystem in China. He added that billion-dollar valuations built on a few employees and tall tales for the sake of investment are not good phenomena.

Why it’s important: Jack Ma’s words reflect a tech and business ecosystem that is becoming increasingly rational and practical. Amid the bike sharing crisis, Faraday Future’s mess, peer-to-peer finance scandals, and increasing data theft and misuse concerns, the ecosystem is restructuring itself and developing internal standards. It would seem that some Chinese executives realize that following popular trends does not necessarily create value and that attention in their various industries can be garnered in other ways.