Briefing: China forms body to review video game ethics

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网络游戏道德委员会成立 对20款游戏做出评议 –

What happened: China has formed a body to evaluate ethical issues in video games. The recent creation of the Online Games Ethics Committee comes amid concerns of gaming addiction and myopia among the country’s youth. So far, it has evaluated an initial batch of 20 video game titles, with nine of them being rejected for publication in China. The body ruled that the remaining 11 titles require modification.

Why it’s important: According to state-owned media, the new committee, which was publicized for the first time, consists of experts and scholars on youth problems and game-related issues, as well as officers from relevant government bodies. No more details were revealed about the committee or recently-reviewed games. Still, it will conduct ethical evaluations of online content, providing decision-making recommendations to government departments. It marks a tightening of control over China’s gaming industry, which has seen increased regulation over the course of the year.