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What happened: Bytedance’s enterprise messaging and productivity app, Lark, messaged users on Jan. 18 to announce its new Chinese name, feishu. In the enterprise app’s latest update, Lark will adopt its new name and shed its former logo, a blue Lark, in exchange for a blue paper airplane.

Why it matters: Challengers such as Bytedance are threatening WeChat’s dominance in the Chinese social media space. The Tencent-owned messaging giant also offers enterprise services. Bytedance has been testing a beta version of Lark internally since 2018, and aside from Lark—which has received positive reviews from those who have tested it—Bytedance recently released video-based messenger app Duoshan, which appears to be an attempt to square off with WeChat. WeChat has fired back; Last week, the social media giant blocked Duoshan and two other social media rivals from its platform.

Cassidy McDonald is a Beijing-based multimedia journalist who covers technology's effect on Chinese society. She tweets at @CMcD123.

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