Briefing: New Zealand says Huawei is still in the running for 5G

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新西兰总理称不排斥华为参与5G建设  – Caixin

What happened: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday that Huawei could still be involved in the development of the nation’s 5G network, adding that her government will conduct an independent assessment of the Chinese company’s security risk. The country’s intelligence agency stopped telecommunications company Spark from using Huawei’s equipment last November, saying it posed significant national security risks.

Why it’s important: The Prime Minister’s statement comes after UK’s cybersecurity watchdog concluded that security risks posed by Huawei in 5G networks can be mitigated. Both the UK and New Zealand are privy to sensitive US intelligence as part of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance. Her comments also come at a time when concerns over New Zealand’s relationship with China are mounting. Huawei’s future in Western countries is still unclear, as countries have divergent stances on the issue. Today, the Royal United Services Institute, a UK defense think-tank, contested the Financial Times article, in a report which concluded that allowing Huawei to provide equipment for 5G networks would be “naive” and “irresponsible”.