Briefing: Tencent tests parental game control tool requiring photos, ID

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腾讯测试“儿童锁模式”:13周岁以下想玩游戏须家长先“开锁” – Tencent Games

What happened: Tencent has started testing a new anti-addiction system for minors on two of its games. The system requires a series of steps from parents of users under 13 to create a log-in and play the game. Parents need to upload a series of documents, including a photo with the child alongside a parent with a government ID in hand, as well as what the company calls “video verification.” Currently, the new system is in place for “Honor of Kings” and the mobile version of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in three cities. The company said it would test the system in a total of 12 cities.

Why it’s important: Once implemented on a large scale, the new system will give parents full control over whether their children can play Tencent’s games. It could also potentially make Tencent’s gaming services more palatable to regulators and the public. Tencent has already introduced a number of controls that limit the amount of time and money minors can spend on its games. Among them are a real-name registration that limits playtime, a parental control system that let parents kick their children out of games at any time, and most recently, a game monitoring system that allows teachers visibility of their students’ daily game activities.