Briefing: AliExpress launches online orders for Chinese auto brand in Russia

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阿里巴巴在俄正式推出中国品牌汽车网上购车服务 – Xinhua News

What happened: Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress has launched an online ordering option for car consumers in Russia. So far only one brand, Chinese state-owned Chery, is supported. Models from the Tiggo line, along with accessories and other products, are available for online orders on Chery’s flagship AliExpress store. After giving an advance payment, customers can complete the transaction and pick up their purchases at one of 100 offline Chery dealerships across Russia. AliExpress plans for more Chinese auto brands to sell online in Russia in the future.

Why it’s important: Liu Wei, head of AliExpress’ Russia business, said in a press release that the platform’s sales of automobile products surged to “20 times” daily figures in November during Alibaba’s 11.11 e-commerce shopping festival, known as Singles Day. “Russian online user demand for automobiles and peripheral products is growing,” he added. According to Liu, online ordering reduces the investment needed for companies’ overseas supply chains, and increases efficiency. Alibaba has been expanding its presence in Russia for some time, including a $2 billion joint venture deal in September with local internet company Chinese digital marketing consultant Ashley Dudarenok told TechNode that the venture was part of a larger strategy to establish an early presence in less-developed markets including India, Turkey, and Southeast Asia.