Is China prepared for the real impact of AI?

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(Image credit: BigStock/Tillhunter)

Amy Webb, the much-revered founder of the Future Today Institute, released her annual report on emerging tech trends for the year ahead on March 9.

China features heavily in the report, as it should, given its increasing impact and presence on the world stage, especially in technology.

However, as is typical with broad reports like these, many sections reveal a blinding bias. In the introduction, Webb makes a token reference to China as she tries to make sure readers know that the country will be in the report:

“It’s time to get comfortable with deep uncertainty. As I’m writing this annual letter to you from my office, we still do not know whether the UK will Brexit, if the special council investigation will incriminate President Trump or whether the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre will incite protest or apathy in Ch

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