Briefing: Huawei to release rumored TV set in April

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华为电视将于4月发布,目标年销售1000万台 – Jiemian

What happened: A supply chain executive of Huawei’s television segment told Chinese media Jiemian that the company would release its rumored Huawei TV next month, which could possibly be equipped with dual cameras, along with gaming and social media features. The executive also said that Huawei TV aims to sell 10 million units each year, which would make up 20% of China’s TV market. In addition to consumer devices, Huawei would also branch out into the commercial TV market, said him.

Why it’s important: The rise of 5G technology has sparked a trend whereby smartphone makers move into the TV business. Analysts said Huawei’s television plan aims to create more entry points into future 5G-powered internet of things scenarios by establishing a smart home system. Meanwhile, Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus announced in September that it had decided to enter the smart TV market, and expects to release its first 4K Ultra HD TV in 2019.