Laser TV sales gaining momentum in China – DigiTimes

What happened: A report by AVC Revo indicates 4K laser TV prices in China could drop below $1,500 on average in 2019, contributing to a continued explosion in sales that grew 132% year on year between 2017 and 2018. To help drive the industry surge, 16 local manufacturers recently met in Beijing to discuss coordination on product development, services, and technology. AVC Revo’s report estimates sales of up to 300,000 laser TV units in 2019, up significantly from last year’s 164,000.

Why it’s important: In 2018, electronics manufacturing giant Hisense accounted for 96.8% of China’s 4K television shipments. With 4K TVs comprising nearly a quarter of total laser television sales, Hisense has established a strong foothold from which to influence the industry. With competitors like TCL and South Korea-based LG rumored to be planning the launch of new models in the coming months, the race to capture a piece of the growing market is far from over.

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