Baidu will set up a cloud computing center in Northwestern China’s Xi’an – KrASIA

What happened: Baidu is planning to build a large-scale data center in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province in northwestern China, hoping to serve its clients in the country’s central and western regions. The new cloud computing facility will cover an area of around 84,700 square meters and will be the first data center in west China with the capacity to accommodate 100,000 servers.

Why it’s important: The move is part of Baidu’s efforts get ahead of its rivals by serving industries that are undergoing a technological upgrade and hungry for computing power. In February, Baidu announced plans to construct its second mega-cloud data center in Hebei province. Baidu’s first facility, located in Shanxi Province’s Yangquan City, is said to be the third-largest data center in Asia. According to IDC, Baidu Cloud came in fourth in public cloud market share in Q4 last year. China, which is set to be the world’s largest cloud market, has become a heated battleground for domestic and foreign cloud service providers.

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