China Tech Talk is an almost weekly discussion of the most important issues in China’s tech. From IPOs to fake data, from the role of WeChat to Apple’s waning influence, hosts John Artman and Matthew Brennan interview experts and discuss the trends shaping China’s tech industry.

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Last week, the White House announced a ban on US companies doing business with companies deemed a security risk. Over the weekend, Google announces that they must suspend Huawei’s access to Android. This episode, Matt and John have a short discussion about what the announcement means for Huawei and what the company may be able to do about it.
Correction: In this episode, John says that “HongMeng OS” could be translated as “Red Dream.” This is incorrect. The characters for HongMeng are 鸿蒙 and refers to the Chinese mythology’s primal chaos.
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John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups, and co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast, a regular discussion...

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