China’s tech space was built on the back of growing affluence and the “consumption upgrade” of China’s increasingly connected population. However, as the giants have expanded and niche’s fill up, the number of new opportunities for growth in the consumer space is quickly dwindling.

Ecosystem Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance are now eyeing the enterprise space in hopes of creating and taking advantage of the immature market.

Surprising to realize, but much of the growth in the tech space had nothing to do with applying technology to business operations. Instead, companies were able to hire more people and wring extra productivity from them. Propelled by rising wages and increasing demand for work-life balance from their employees, China’s small and medium enterprises find themselves actually needing technology in their business.

At Emerge, our 2B Shift panel will explore the forces creating the new blue enterprise ocean as well as the opportunities for enterprise-facing companies. Our panel of experts and industry players will be exploring these key areas:

  • Why is the shift to enterprise happening now?
  • Why hasn’t China produced an SAP or Oracle?
  • How seriously are China’s BAT taking the shift to enterprise?
  • Are we seeing any actual deployment of enterprise services?

Based in Shanghai, Suzanne builds and promotes TechNode domestically and globally by designing and implementing online and offline marketing campaigns and events. A Global Studies graduate from St. Lawrence...

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