Briefing: Tencent files 6 more lawsuits against Bytedance

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腾讯南山法院再诉今日头条系 要求删除用户游戏视频 – TechWeb

What happened: Tencent has filed six new lawsuits against Bytedance, demanding the company to delete all “Honour of Kings” gameplay videos from the accounts of six specified users on Jinri Toutiao and Douyin. It is also requesting Bytedance pay RMB 10.8 million (around $1.56 million) in damages, TechWeb reported. Tencent says in the filing that the videos are a violation of its copyright for the hit mobile title. This fresh round of lawsuits raises the number of game-related cases Tencent has brought against Bytedance to 15.

Why it’s important: Tencent has drastically increased the frequency of legal action against the owner of Douyin since last month. In May, the gaming giant sued Bytedance six times, demanding it to remove videos and ban live-streaming shows related to three popular Tencent titles from its content apps. Bytedance publicly objected to a court injunction for one of the cases, calling the process “unlawful.” On Tuesday, it was revealed that Tencent recently sued a user for livestreaming “League of Legends” on Bytedance’s Xigua Video, though the company only asked for RMB 1 in damages.