China voices | Tell-all paints firm as Theranos of autonomous vehicles

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(Image credit: Bigstock/Ronedya)

This week features an anonymous employee playing whistleblower on his former self-driving car startup. This engineer writes that he initially was lured in by a charismatic founder who sold him a story of building a company to help the nation develop and fight back against American bullying. But eventually, he came to see his boss as nothing more than a scam artist.
Why I made my escape from a Chinese autonomous vehicle company
Anonymous engineer, Focus on Cutting Edge Tech, 5/4/2019

I am an unmanned algorithmic engineer who just left an autonomous driving company last month and can be said to be “escaping.”

During my time working at this company, I have witnessed too many dark corners of human nature and have seen autonomous driving become nothing but a tool for making money. Many engineers have not seen through this scam. So I want to tell those who are still trapped just what kind of scam is this. 

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