CHINA VOICES | Meituan’s master of ‘copy to China’

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Meituan founder Wang Xing (Image credit: Meituan Dianping)

“From a pile of dead men, he pushed himself forward,” said an anonymous investor.

Serial entrepreneur Wang Xing had over a dozen failed projects under his belt before striking it rich by founding Meituan. In a longform profile, author He Jiayan details Wang Xing’s failures in first imitating Twitter, then Facebook, and then finally finding success adapting the Groupon model to China. He is also known for picking fights with half of China’s internet companies. It remains to be seen just how far his ambition can take him. What follows is an extended paraphrase of the piece.
Meituan’s Wang Xing at 40, Without Doubts
He Jiayan, The House of Startups (Chuanye Jia), May 25, 2019

Wang Xing’s family suffered greatly after the PRC took power. His grandfather was driven to suicide during the Cultural Revolution, and his father spent years forced to work in the countrys

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