Bytedance’s new social app Feiliao, also known as Flipchat, has been removed from Apple’s App Store fewer than two months after its release.

Why it’s important: It is unknown how why the app was removed and when it will be restored, but Apple’s App Store is one of its major distribution platforms in China.

  • Feiliao is Bytedance’s newest experiment in the social app landscape, following the underperforming Snapchat clone Duoshan, which was launched in January.
  • The app is an “interest-based social app” that combines instant message and forum functionalities.

Details: A Feiliao spokeswoman told TechNode that they were communicating with Apple and would get an answer shortly.

  • The representative also said that users who have installed the app can continue to use it and that the app is still available on Chinese third-party Android stores.
  • As of writing, Feiliao is available on all major Chinese Android app stores save for Tencent’s Android app marketplace Yingyongbao.

Tony Xu is Shanghai-based tech reporter. Connect with him via e-mail:

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