Following the success of our previous TechNode Tech After Hours series on the future of electric vehicles in China, we are organizing another deep and meaningful discussion on the future of digital currency.

Ever since Facebook announced plans to enter the crypto space with its much-hyped Libra project in June, the world is waiting to see it in action. A number of countries are now looking into developing digital fiat currency, and foremost among them is China.

Although the central bank has been working on the digital version of the renminbi over the past five years and is said to be “nearly ready” to launch, its actual plans for the roll-out are still shrouded in mystery.

What are the implications of digital fiat currencies and cryptocurrency projects like Facebook’s Libra? How does Libra compare to China’s digital fiat currency? Will Libra threaten the dominance of China’s most-used mobile payment platforms like Alipay and WeChat Pay?

Join us to hear insights from experts who keep a close watch on the fast-moving digital currency space.

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Speakers intro:

Richard Wang

Partner at Draper Dragon Fund

Richard Wang joined DFJDragon Fund since 2011. Richard has over 20 years of business development, technical marketing, and sales management in high technology space experiences. Prior to DFJDragon Fund, Richard served as QunZhong E-Commerce’s CEO and successfully open up the market and developed the franchise channel. Prior to QunZhong E-Commerce, he founded OLEA Network with partners in Silicon Valley. The company research and develop wireless intelligent ECG senor by using the Doppler Radar technology. He has several technical papers published in IEEE journal.

Richard holds MSEE from National Chiao Tung University since 1995. He is interested in artificial intelligence application and fintech area, especially in the blockchain sector. His portfolios including Yeepay, Senodia, NasoSic, Innodealing, and Epticore, just to name a few.

Alex Sirakov

Senior Associate at KapronAsia

Alex is a senior associate at Kapronasia and has 10 years of experience in the financial industry. Before Kapronasia, Alex worked at INNIMMO – a European boutique investment bank and asset manager with a focus on financial services and fintech, and consequently co-managed a project under the cap of German KfW Bank in China. Alex holds an MA in Finance.

Hang Yin

Co-founder and Developer of and Bitcoin Gold

Hang started the Bitcoin Gold in 2017, aiming to solve the problem of miner centralization in Bitcoin. In 2018, he began to work on confidential smart contract technology full-time. To him, privacy is one of the main obstacles to mainstream adoption besides scalability. His new project pLibra aims to protect the privacy of Libra users with confidential smart contract technology.


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