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cloud gaming Tencent China
Screenshot of the Tencent Start website. (Image Credit: Tony Xu/TechNode)

China jumped on the cloud gaming dream in a big way in 2019, with major companies such as Tencent, Huawei, and NetEase each announcing plans for cloud gaming services or solutions.

However, the current leader Google Stadia has struggled to provide satisfactory service. China also has a smaller market for the graphics-intensive games that are best suited to cloud.

Bottom line: Cloud gaming will not make AAA games big in China any time soon—as neither the network speeds nor the market exists yet. But major companies still believe they can make money selling incremental improvements in the less-demanding games already popular in China.

Major cloud projects:

February 2019: Tencent unveiled its cloud gaming service Tencent Instant Play, a product of its partnership with Intel.
March 2019: Tencent started recruiting users to he

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