Major Chinese video platform Bilibili shut down its TikTok-like short video app Qing Video (our translation) on Thursday. Launched in 2018, Qing Video was intended to be a short video platform to rival Douyin, incorporating Bilibili’s famous “bullet comments” feature, live lines of users’ comments that shoot across the screen. The app reached a peak in September 2019 with over 9,400 daily downloads in the App Store in China mainland. However, that trend did not last and downloads crashed to around 500 per day within two months, according to Qimai, a Beijing-based data firm. In 2021, Bilibili rolled out a Story mode for vertical videos on the Bilibili app, a feature with much of the look and feel of TikTok, making Qing Video effectively redundant. Video plays using the vertical mode accounted for 20% of the total amount of plays on the Bilibili app in the first quarter of this year, according to the firm’s financial report. [Bilibili, in Chinese]