Zhixing AI, a Chinese AI startup, has launched a new AI model with plug-in support, with founder and CEO Zhang Chongyang claiming that this is China’s first AI model product to offer plug-in support. Zhixing AI currently integrates seven plug-ins, including Bing Search and Wolfram, enabling users to access real-time weather information, solve complex mathematical problems, and conduct in-depth financial analysis, according to the company. Zhang told Chinese tech media outlet 36Kr that he envisions an ecosystem similar to the App Store for the model, allowing users to utilize these interconnected plugins. The development of this ecosystem will be a primary focus for Zhixing in the upcoming months, he added. Zhang previously worked for companies such as iFlytek, Microsoft, WeChat, and Kuaishou, where he focused on machine learning and AI research and development. The Zhixing team consists of experts from top technology companies including Tencent, Alibaba, Microsoft, and Google. Currently, Zhixing AI is preparing for a new round of financing. [36Kr, in Chinese]