BMW MINI will start producing pure electric models in China in 2024, with plans to export EVs overseas in the same year, according to a September 8 report by Chinese news outlet Caixin. Production will be managed by Spotlight, a joint venture co-founded by BMW Group and Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor, according to BMW. BMW MINI, known for its compact vehicles targeting the younger end of the driver market, achieved sales of 28,700 units in China in 2022. Currently, all MINI models available in the Chinese market are fuel-powered. In 2024, BMW will produce two pure electric MINI models in China, which will also be introduced to the Chinese market simultaneously, the report said. However, the company has announced that it will also continue production of its electric MINI in the UK after securing millions in government funding in the country. The firm had previously been expected to shift nearly all of its electric MINI production to China. [Caixin, in Chinese]