Alibaba’s AI technology subsidiary has rebranded the home automation device brand Tmall Genie into XGenie, Chinese tech news site IThome reported on September 19. The revamped XGenie integrates services supported by Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen large language model (LLM), offering features such as AIGC creation, open-domain dialogues, and TTS emotional expression, among others. On the same day, the company unveiled three new AI-supported terminal products, including XGenie AR glasses, XGenie Sound smart assistant, and an upcoming smart tablet for children. Alibaba entered the crowded digital voice assistant market in 2017 with the smart speaker Tmall Genie X1. In July of this year, Tmall Genie conducted an internal test of its LLM-supported terminal operating system. [IThome, in Chinese; XGenie announcement, in Chinese]