A Simple and Innovative Solution for China Mobile Subscribers To Use China Unicom’s 3G Network

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It’s not easy for me to describe this little gadget. I got it from a friend who said it’s only available in certain cities. It looks like an official product from China Unicom, but it’s actually for China Mobile subscribers. My friend said it’s a product that China Unicom is selling under the table.

It’s like a film sticker which you can attach it on China Mobile sim card and it itself is also a sim card comes with a China Unicom data plan.

Thanks to WCDMA and iPhone sale, China Unicom is considered the best 3G provider. More and more China Mobile subscribers want China Unicom’s 3G usage on iPhone, but the dilemma is that they have to sign the contract and get a new China Unicom mobile number. Note that in China, you can not just port the number from one operator to another. So here comes the solution.

Basically, you just attach that film sticker (card) on your China Mobile sim card, then insert it back to your phone. What happens is that you can still make/receive the call, send/receive sms message etc using China Mobile service, but in the meanwhile, you can also surf the internet using China Unicom’s 3G network. As we said before, it is pre-paid data card which means you can just do top-up when the credits run out.

It’s so impressive, and I bet China Mobile will get pissed off by this innovative product.

The following image is found on 91.com.

  • http://markenglehartevans.com Mark Englehart Evans

    does it actually work?

  • Jackson

    Wow! This is amazingly innovative :)

  • Pepijn Meyer

    sounds brilliant. where can i buy it in Shanghai. right now i have two numbers. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/lee.ashton Ashton 李易钢 Lee

    Post where this can be bought in Shanghai and Beijing. Thanks bro.

  • Petefang

    I read the original Chinese review on 91.com. You cannot use both networks at the same time. The idea is to mainly switch to Unicom service, but set up call forwarding on your China Mobile SIM before turning it off. So you can have incoming calls to the China Mobile number forwarded to the new Unicom number. However, text messages cannot get forwarded and if you call someone, they only see your new and presumably unknown Unicom number as the caller ID.

  • vikram virdee

    I want to know more about the feasibility of this product . Good innovation 

  • Paul Wood

    Sounds like it isn’t quite the best of both worlds then. Still amazing innovation and competition.

  • Mendifecco

    It’s useless if it can’t mak both two kind of network both online at the same time.

    How inconvinence it is to shift different network between you surf and make a call?