EditGrid (EditGrid Universe) is known as a leading online spreadsheet in the global market. However, as you can read from its logo, EditGrid wants to be “More than Spreadsheets”. One month after it closed its Series A funding from WI Harper, its new feature Dynamic Images make it one step closer to this aim.

David, CEO of EditGrid introduced the new feature to me:

With the new feature, the users can use cell formulas and references to generate the URLs of their images. When you change the values of the referenced cells, the URL and hence the image will be updated dynamically, which makes parameterize an image (Dynamic Images) possible

That reminds me of the be-loved (99% of Chinese Internet companies use that to show how popular they are) and also be-hated (some people think the statistics collected there is stupidly un-true) Alexaholic.com where can generate an integrated report comparing the popularity and ranking of the submitted sites by inputting multiple domains into several input boxes. With the Dynamic Images, now you can build you own “-aholic.com”, which would be a fun. EditGrid also prepared two nice examples to demonstrate how it works, you can check the Stockaholic (Ed. I am wondering if another HongKong based company Bullpoo.com can integrate this into their service) and Weatherholic.


Another very interesting point here, the new release of EditGrid also supports the Safari 3.0. So, are we expecting a iPhone-powered EditGrid here soon? I have to say that I am always frustrated by many Ajax-based Chinese websites which have never been tested on non-IE browser, such as Firefox, Opera etc. Well, it is the fact that the IE (and Maxthon) dominates the Chinese browser market, and the multi-browsers support is always an optional  task down to bottom of the to-do list.

So what else the EditGrid can do to be more than Spreadsheets? If you have some creative ideas, drop your comments please.

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