Nokia is changing and the new direction is Internet business, to be more precise, the Mobile Internet or Mobile 2.0 which some of us use to differentiate it with the wired Web 2.0. My background is all Wireless from the first day in my university where my major was Telecommunication. The reason I decided to have my career start in Internet business is simple and also straightforward, I believe one day there will be no much difference between Wired and Wireless network, in other words Web 2.0 will be Mobile 2.0 without question. So as a user of Web 2.0, I am really exciting about the new strategy of Nokia.

WidSets, Nokia’s mobile widget platform is a good mini-application which has a great potential to bring the Internet right into your mobile phone. It is a global strategy of Nokia, but what you probably don’t know is that Nokia also set up a team in China, the only localized WidSets team to serve Chinese mobile phone users. Sam, Director of WidSets China is very optimistic about the future of his Chinese WidSets (in Chinese, it is called 维信). He agrees that the concept of Widget is very new to this market but he believes that it will not take long the Internet content provider and some users will realize the importance of the widgetization. “We need work hard and closely with our partners to develop their widgets for WidSets since a public API is usually not available from an Internet service here, but we are very happy what we have done. Chinese Internet is fast growing and 2008 could be a Widget Year in China”, said Sam. I also had some nice talk with Jasmine, Marketing Manager of WidSets China who also demonstrated a nice widget developed for a very popular Match.com-like site Jiayuan.com. I just love it!


iPhone has YouTube’s service integrated and also runs a wonderful Safari browser, which in my opinion officially announced Mobile 2.0’s coming. Nokia is dominating the mobile device, i.e the mobile platform, so will Nokia become another Google to lead the revolution of Mobile Internet? Easy or super easy?

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