Joost is coming to China, partnered with, a popular Chinese portal which is also running a Tom version of Skype. A friend said the Chinese version Joost was planned to be launched around Chinese new year (7th February) of 2008. I guess more Chinese channels will be added into Tom-Joost and the service will be free, i.e. revenue will rely on the video Ads.


Vakaka, reported the Chinese Joost is a Beijing-based startup providing free video on demand (VOD) and live streaming via P2P technology. Vakaka has been running nearly 6 months. Even though Chinese P2P video space is very crowded, the major players include PPLive, PPStream, UUSee and many others, Vakaka seems to find its place to drive itself forward.

Vakaka X-TV has a Joost-like UI, including channels, widget zone, playing control panel and setting panel. Unlike Joost or Babelgum, Vakaka supports both VOD and live streaming. The video offered on Vakaka are from its content partners and all copyrighted.


When I was looking for information about Vakaka X-TV, by mistake I jumped to another P2P video streaming system, called Vatata. I was totally confused by the names of Vakaka and Vatata at beginning, but in the end it is happy to learn that Vatata gets some cool features (assuming there is no connection between them). Vatata has just released a major update today, the last day of 2007. Now it supports most of the video formats, including Microsoft, Real, Flash, Apple, MPEG1/2/4, OGG/MKV etc and H.264. Vatata system consists of two sub-system: Vata, the back-end streaming platform and Tata the front-end player. Tata is absolutely fascinating. It supports On Screen Display (OSD) and allows plugins, which means you can run multiple modules (e.g. instant-messenger, channel list, etc) on top of the video screen, which just sounds like what Joost does. This is really interesting. So if PPLive, PPStream and so on adopt the Tata technology, there will be many more Chinese Joost coming out!

China, most likely is providing the best P2P video service in the world. Now Joost is here to join the competition, whether it can succeed I give it a big question mark. On the other hand, can we expect that one of the local services can stand out in the global market in near future? We will see.

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