IMQQ, Tencent Quietly Launched Its International Portal For QQ

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With more than 690 million registered users, 360 million monthly active users and 130 million daily users, QQ is the most popular instant messaging service, well, for Chinese. As a foreigner who is interested in QQ and wants to further understand this Chinese Internet phenomenon, it was always hard. Where to download the latest English version of QQ, how to register a QQ ID, how to make friends on QQ, etc, for a very long time there are just no official answers to them.

Here is probably great news for all the foreigners who are curious about China web. An email sent from an insider Thijs Terlouw, reveals that Tencent has just quietly launched its international portal for QQ, where you can find all the English information you need to try QQ. The very latest English version of QQ, QQ2009 Beta for Windows was also released together with its Mac version 1.0 beta today.

So does that mean QQ will be seriously looking into the global market in 2009? I think it is too early to conclude that. But as least, it shows that Tencent has started opening up, which is a very good sign.

Now it is time for you to try QQ for the first time!!!