Meizu, Chinese Best iPhone-Liker Is Testing Its App Store

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meizu-Develop_LogMeizu Technology Co. Ltd, the maker of the best Chinese iPhone-liker, Meizu M8 officially entered the hype of Chinese mobile App Store. Its application store, aka Meizu Developer Network is now available on

According to this official announcement, application is required to become a Meizu developer. Once the application is accepted, the developer can develop and submit his application which will be verified and tested by Meizu operation team. Meizu user will be able to download the tested applications via a client (mobile version of the app store?) running on Meizu mobile phone.

It’s at very early stage. Roughly counting, there are only 23 applications listed on the site right now. But the comments posted by J. Wong, CEO of Meizu on its official BBS are quite interesting:

  • Meizu developers will be given 70% of the revenue share;
  • A voucher worthy of RMB 15yuan will be given to Meizu VIP users (I am not sure how to become a VIP) to stimulate the market;
  • The mobile version of application store will come with the new UI (screenshots) of Meizu M8 by this year.