Thoughts on Amazon Web Service Expanding To Singapore And Asia

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logo_awsI am not the right person to comment on this from the tech point of view, but still I felt it’s truly exciting after read the post about Amazon’s move to Singapore which is written by my friend Mohan Belani of E27. You can read Amazon’s official announcement here.

Interesting enough, as one of the organizers of GTUG (Google Technology User Group) Shanghai, I’ve been thinking of having someone talking about Cloud Computing in the next event. (The best candidate based in Shanghai is ChinaNetCloud).

1. Are we waiting for Amazon web services coming to China in the second half of 2010? If you search for “云计算” (which is Cloud Computing in Chinese), you can find loads of buzz from Chinese industry and it seems that all the Chinese star companies are seriously considering it as part of company strategy. Baidu is a cool company, but its Box Computing concept is a bit confusing.


Although I found the nice diagram above clearly pointing out 21ViaNet (China), Inc. the leading data center service provider’s thoughts on its own cloud computing service, called CloudEx. Obviously, 21ViaNet is positioning its CloudEx as the competitor of Amazon web service. Still, for most of the middle/small companies, Cloud Computing is still “somewhere in the Cloud” in China, i.e. they don’t know how they can access the cloud computer and how they can benefit from it, and of course we are missing good cloud service too.

2. Every time when friends ask me for my views on Singapore’s web industry. Always, the Singapore’s government is one of the keywords in my answer. It was a great pleasure to meet some officials from Singapore government when I was there for UnConference 2009 organized by E27, and I was also quite impressed by the conversation with them. They understand the trend and more importantly they are not only good thinkers but also the users and practitioners. Sadly, I have not met one from Chinese government who is able to talk about virtual world, microblogging, amazon web service etc, but officials in Singapore, they do. Mohan said they have been discussing with Amazon since Nov, 2008, and their effort is paid-off. With the deployment of Amazon web service, Singapore will have the advantage to be the first entry for western service moving to Asia too.

If you think Amazon web service into Singapore is only a technology achievement, you are wrong. It is not only about the cloud infrastructure, it could speed up the building of a healthy ecosystem for Singapore IT industry, as Mohan commented:

The primary beneficiaries for these will be the web technology startup entrepreneurs.