Chinaccelerator (our coverage), a Dalian based startup accelerator unveiled six startups running through its program early this week. These startups are about four months old and have two or three founders come from Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Dublin and Tehran.

Aylien – is a tool that makes any web content easier to understand, by semantically adding related information and short descriptions to it. With its revolutionary advertisement platform, Aylien can bring the most targeted ads on the web. It’s like Google AdSense on steroids. Business model: a combination of super targeted advertising and affiliate marketing.

Getbuz – Social media marketing costs retailers countless hours and millions of dollars. At a fraction of the cost GetBuz speeds up the process by tapping into the social networks of existing customers and driving them from the web to the store. Business model: monthly subscriptions, commission on sales going through the platform.

Connections – is an iPad app which gives you back the true value of social networks. With the majority of online users having profiles on multiple social networks, tracking relevant updates and connections with the right people is a difficult challenge. “Connections” automatically filters and understand your relationships, delivering only what really matters to you, right now! Business model: appstore revenues, virtual items. They are seeking $300K in seed funding.

Qiangzuo is a meeting point between event holders and their audience. Attendees can browse, filter and subscribe to events from multiple sources and a huge variety of topics. They can also share event details, provide discounted tickets to their network and earn commission for doing so. Event holders will de facto see their event pushed to thousands of relevant audience automatically, providing them tools to get a deeper and wider exposure to social networks. Business model: commissions on tickets sold, event templates, sponsored tweet, sponsored e-mailing.

SMS Coupon provides a unique Platform for companies to send SMS messages and create immediate interactions with their neighbor prospects or direct customers. Its hardware/software combination allows them to blast SMS to all mobile phones 200 meters around! Business model: one-off fee, monthly subscription, SMS at cost. They are seeking $400K in seed funding.

Vamosinc is an online video streaming and synchronization platform, which enables viewers in different locations watch the same video online simultaneously and without any server using its P2P based technology. Business model: Subscriptions.

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